Fall Event FAQs

Each District Manager will host a Fall Event. Click here to view the Event Location listing or contact your District Manager
Yes. Use the link to the virtual event to register for your Fall Event. This will provide your district manager with a count for room setup, food orders, etc. When you register, you will also receive and email with the login credentials you will need to access the virtual event.
At this event, we make it easier than ever to re-energize and grow your business. You’ll get to mingle with fellow distributors, learn about the newest product launches, and get exclusive discounts on thousands of products.
No. The Fall Event is an opportunity for you to learn about new products, share best practices with other distributors and take advantage of special deals.
You will see over 100 new products that will be displayed at the event to include new hand tools, power tools, tool storage, diagnostics, automotive specialty and more.
Yes! Similar to Tool Fair and previous Fall Events, we will have more than 3,000 items on promotion.
We will offer LTA financing for purchases made during the Fall Event. LTA allows you to finance your Fall Event purchases for up to 50 weeks interest-free giving you time to close deals on larger ticket items, offer interest-free financing to your customers, and take advantage of the great deals.
Yes. Just like Tool Fair and prior Fall Events, you can earn an extra discount based on the volume of your purchases.
Yes! Distributors can win prizes just for showing up at the event! Additionally, just like previous Fall Events, you can earn entries for larger prizes from our vendors based on your show purchases.
You will utilize the Mac Tools Tablet Ordering system just like Tool Fair and previous Fall Events. Be sure to bring your tablet or laptop with you!
Georgetown is currently building approximately $6million of inventory that will be available for IMMEDIATE shipping.
While vendors will not physically be at the Fall Events, we do have an online “Virtual Event” website featuring booths for vendors. Each vendor’s booths will feature a Chat Session where you can virtually connect with the vendors and ask questions.
The Virtual Event is a dedicated website that will open on August 24th featuring a virtual exhibit hall with virtual booths. Each booth includes videos, downloadable documents and event product information. You will even have the ability to order an item through the virtual event and push the item over to our Tablet Ordering system, saving you time. In case of any technical assistance, please email to mactools@vfairs.com.
All the product samples on display at the Fall Event will be available for purchase the day of the event. Your District Manager will have the details.